Whitwell away retreat

Dates: Friday 10th to Sunday 12th November
Schedule & costs: See below
Teacher: Gen Kelsang Yankyi

This is our very popular away weekend retreat. Each year we go to Whitwell Hall set in 40 acres of beautiful countryside in the depths of North Norfolk.

Here we find some quietness and peace to be able to deepen our concentration, meditation and mindfulness. This year we shall be looking at the profound peace of still mind.

Everybody is welcome. This retreat is perfect for beginners and all levels of experience. There will be delicious vegetarian meals with time to relax and go for walks.

About the Teachings:

The Power of a Still Mind –

Through training our mind step by step in meditation, we can find more and more states of stillness and peace. During this weekend retreat, we will explore Buddha’s teachings on how to develop this blissful concentration and we will practice methods of how to abide in meditation without distraction. We will also look at how to transfer the skills we’ve learnt through developing our meditation, concentration and calm mind to help us day by day in our ordinary waking life when out of meditation.