What to Do When Things Go Wrong

The Friends Meeting House
Upper Goat Ln, Norwich NR2 1EW
Date: Saturday 24th June
Time: 10.00 am – 12.30 pm
(1 hour sessions with break in-between for tea & coffee)
Cost: £15
Free for members

About the course:

As children, we often had great ideas of what would happen day by day in our life, or perhaps what we would do at the weekends, looking forwards to holidays and so on, based on the daily rhythm of our lives. But mainly we lived moment by moment learning to feel the muscles of our body and of our mind.

Gradually, we started to learn that things did not happen as we had expected, that our friends often had different ideas from our ideas and that because we could not control the way thing did happen, that it was all ‘wrong’. But sometimes what seemed to be ‘wrong’ at the start, actually turned out to be ‘right’ in the end. But we don’t always acknowledge this, either to ourself or others, because we are set in our ways of thinking.

On this course, we will explore how we can keep our mind flexible and happy whatever way things turn out.

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Cost: £15
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What to Do When Things Go Wrong - Norwich

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