Title: The Path to Inner Peace – Meditations For a Happy and Meaningful Life
Location: Amoghasiddhi Kadampa Buddhist Centre, Attleborough
Times: Podcasts go live every Tuesday at 7:00 pm and stay up for 72 hours.

These classes looked at developing a path to inner peace in our mind. By travelling this path we will increase our concentration and our capacity for spiritual practice through meditation.

In these five weeks over the winter period, Gen Kelsang Yankyi will guide us through the first initial stages of the path to enlightenment, also known as Lamrim. She covered timeless teachings on ‘Our precious human life’, ‘Death and Impermanence’, what happens next and how we can rely on the holy beings.

15/12/20 – Introduction

22/12/20 – Our Precious Human Life

29/12/20 – Death and Impermanence

05/01/21 – What’s Next

12/01/21 – Refuge and Reliance