• Title: Simply Meditate
  • Location: Amoghasiddhi Kadampa Buddhist Centre, Attleborough
  • Upload Dates:  Every Friday @ 12.30 pm (Available for 72 hrs) – Dec 14th – Jan 11th
  • How to access: Simply go to this page within the time of the upload and the player will be viewable

In these troubled and uncertain times our normal ways of responding to life, of ‘sorting things out’, may no longer seem effective. Things are so topsy-turvy, we long for ‘normal’, looking at the past, before lockdown, through rose-tinted spectacles.

In these classes, Julie will lead us gently into finding peace in our life. How? …though learning to meditate. In this five week course we will gain familiarity with how to sit, how to relax the body and how to meditate. Suitable for beginners.


Week 1 – How to sit and relax the body

Week 2 – How to meditate

Week 3 – What is meditation

Week 4 – Why we meditate

Week 5 – How to set up a practice