Title: Peaceful Winter – A Gift of Peace
Location: Amoghasiddhi Kadampa Buddhist Centre (Online)
Date: 12th Dec – 16th Jan

Give yourself – or a friend! – the gift of peace this Christmas. Discover practical advice to help you cope with the Festive Season – whatever that will look like for you this year.
For £25 you will receive access to a weekly six week schedule of podcast reruns and new classes. Helping you develop inspiration and meaning over the winter weeks.
Included in this is the following…

Saturday 12th December – What is Love? – Half-day course with Gen Kelasang Yankyi

‘Love is basically an attitude of mind wishing for this person/being that is appearing to us to be truly happy’. This way of thinking leads to many levels of love, it is not a finite thought, it is a process in which we can engage, to eventually develop universal love and universal compassion.

On this half-day course, Gen Kelsang Yankyi will explore this subject, its pitfalls and the incredible happiness to which it can lead.

Monday evenings – Dealing With Uncertainty with Gen Kelsang Yankyi – Podcast rerun

2020 was a year of uncertainty, a challenging and difficult for everyone, whether we worked to keep services going, or had to self-isolate, or had children all around the place, most people had to find a different way of living with different priorities and different routines – yet, here we are. What are the lessons we can learn from having had this feeling of uncertainty?

Gen Kelsang Yankyi led meditations and discussed reasons to be thankful at that time, how we had the power to help others, and the importance of holding peace in our minds during such times. First aired at the end of March 2020 when we all adapted to a worldwide lockdown, we hope you find much insight by reflecting on that time.

Tuesday evening – The Path to Inner Peace with Gen Kelsang Yankyi – Podcast rerun

These classes looked at developing a path to inner peace in our mind. By travelling this path we will increase our concentration and our capacity for spiritual practice through meditation.

In these five weeks over the winter period, Gen Kelsang Yankyi will guide us through the first initial stages of the path to enlightenment, also known as Lamrim. She covered timeless teachings on ‘Our precious human life’, ‘Death and Impermanence’, what happens next and how we can rely on the holy beings.

15/12/20 – Introduction

22/12/20 – Our Precious Human Life

29/12/20 – Death and Impermanence

05/01/21 – What’s Next

12/01/21 – Refuge and Reliance

Friday Lunchtimes – Simply Meditate with Julie Gibbon – new classes

In these troubled and uncertain times our normal ways of responding to life, of ‘sorting things out’, may no longer seem effective. Things are so topsy-turvy, we long for ‘normal’, looking at the past, before lockdown, through rose-tinted spectacles.

In these classes, Julie will lead us gently into finding peace in our life. How? …though learning to meditate. In this five week course we will gain familiarity with how to sit, how to relax the body and how to meditate. Suitable for beginners.

Sunday Mornings – Meditations for a Happy Life with Dan Beenham – podcast rerun

Dan provides an opportunity to experience the peace of meditation as well as learning practical tools to solve our daily problems through the application of Buddha’s timeless advice.
On closing the session Prayers for World Peace is recited a short, simple and beautiful chanted practice that reminds us how to create the causes for peace for our self and others through recitation of verses taken from ancient Buddhist poetry.

Saturday 26th December – Finding Peace in a Troubled World  with Gen Kelsang Yankyi – Half-day course rerun

Many people think they need to climb a mountain, dive into a deep ocean or stand in the middle of an isolated forest to find peace! But silence and nature do not necessarily give rise to stillness and peace in the mind, because peace is a state of mind and leads to happiness.  Even when we are on top of a mountain, or in an isolated forest, or even a family gathering! we carry our mind with us and that is what determines whether we are peaceful, disturbed or distracted.

On this half-day course, Gen Kelsang Yankyi helped us to connect with our own Inner Peace whatever the state of our environment, our life or our world.

3rd to 6th January – Guided Lamrim Retreat with Kelsang Norpel

Lamrim, or stages of the path to enlightenment, is a special step-by-step presentation of Buddha’s teachings taught by Venerable Atisha around a thousand years ago. This presentation makes the teachings very accessible and practical as we know how to enter, how to progress on and how to complete the Buddhist path to enlightenment.

Each session lasts 1 hr and will be guided by Kelsang Norpel. The retreat is suitable for beginners and experienced meditators and you can attend the whole week, a few days or several sessions.

Saturday 16th January – A Fresh Start with Kelsang Norpel

The New Year brings new beginnings. Start your year with a fresh and positive approach. Discover the practical benefits that meditation can bring and learn to integrate positive thinking into your daily life to give yourself the power to be happy in 2021.

This day course is an introduction to meditation and the art of positive thinking. Meditation helps us to have a peaceful mind and the art of positive thinking helps us to solve our daily problems. Because everything depends upon the mind, if our mind is peaceful then our life will be positive and peaceful.

Peaceful Winter