Title: Nyungnay Purifying Ritual Practice
Location: Amoghasiddhi Kadampa Buddhist Centre
Date: Thursday 14th & Friday 15th April
Schedule: please see below

About the Retreat:
April 15th is Buddha’s Enlightenment Day. This year we celebrate this event with the two-day fasting purification practice known as Nyungnay, By using this prayers known as Drop of Essential Nectar. During this practice, we will emphasise compassion, the very heart of enlightenment, by engaging in prostrations to 1,000 armed Avalokiteshvara, the Buddha of Compassion.
This special fasting and purification practice is performed in conjunction with Eleven-faced Avalokiteshvara. It is very powerful for purifying negative karma of body, speech, and mind, and for pacifying strong delusions such as desirous attachment and hatred. It is also a special method for receiving blessings and improving our experience of love, compassion, and bodhichitta.
Each day will begin with taking the eight Mahayana precepts. For further information about precepts, please see our website. In addition, there will be three retreat sessions each day.

About the Teacher

Gen Kelsang Yankyi is the Resident Teacher of Amoghasiddhi KBC. She has been studying and teaching Kadampa Buddhist meditations for over twenty-six years. She is loved for her gentle and joyful approach and her ability to present Buddha’s teachings in a clear and down to earth manner making them easy to practice.

Booking, schedule information & costs
Everybody is welcome. This retreat is perfect for all levels of experience, no previous experience required.
Booking: no need to book, but you must attend precepts or have taken precepts before engaging in the retreat

7.30 – 8.00 Precepts (needs to be taken each day)
8.00 – 9.15 session 1
11.30 – 12.45 session 2
1.00 – 3.00 lunch (2nd day optional complete fast no drink or food)
3.00 – 4.15 session 3
5.00 -6.00 13th & 14 April Wishfulfilling Jewel
6.00 – 8.30 15th April Offering to the Spiritual Guide – Buddha’s Enlightenment Day

: £2.00 per session + £2.50 for lunch

Free for members
Please pay on the day.