Title: Meditation for kids
Location: Amoghasiddhi Kadampa Buddhist Centre
Times: 3.00 p m to  4.15 pm
Dates: See below

About the class:

The aim of these classes is to to develop and nurture the positive qualities in children through meditation and through positive thinking. They are fun to come to!

Each class is organised around a Buddhist theme such as love, kindness or patience and will include a range of activities such as storytelling, drama and games. Children will learn simple meditations that can be practised by anyone, Buddhist or not, and become familiar with ways to gain confidence, mindfulness and consideration for others.

Costs and dates:

Cost: £2 per child (families with 1 child £2, families with more than 1 child £3.50)

Future dates: Dec No Class | Jan 12 | Feb 02 | Mar 08 | Apr 19 | May 17 | June 14 | Jul

Free to members