Easter Re-run Package

Whilst classes pause for the Easter holiday, we have decided to re-run some recently requests classes that ran earlier this year. The half-day course ‘Why are People Unkind?’ with Gen Kelsang Yankyi, followed by a week of Morning Meditations with Simon James – both available with 48 hours playback!

Why are People Unkind?

Many people look back on a golden age when families were near and all the people in a village or small town knew each other and locked out for each other, were kind to each other. If this ever was the case, then it is not the same now!

Often we live in our own little bubble, possibly exacerbated at this time by the pandemic. We think of our problems, our worries, our happiness and that of our friends and family, we don’t have time to look at how our actions effect others. But we do notice when the actions of others actually effect us! Our view is often narrow and blinkered and we are unaware of a bigger picture.

On this half-day course Gen Kelsang Yankyi will look at why we experience people being unkind to us, and how we can reduce and then stop this.

Morning Meditations

When waking in the morning, many people are maybe feeling the strain of these times, and it can be these initial thoughts and feelings that we tend to carry throughout our day. Why not try something different….. Start the morning with a 15 – 20 minute guided meditation. These simple techniques can be practised by anyone and will help us to develop inner peace and a more positive and relaxed approach to to our day. During each session, after the mind has settled, we can develop a positive intention, and see how a little while in meditation, can go a long way.

Easter Re-run Half-day course + Morning Meditations