• In-Person –

Here in Attleborough our General Programme classes have now reopened to the public! This runs on Thursday evenings, with the same teaching given on a Friday lunchtimes. We also have a lunchtime branch class in Dereham.

We currently require face masks to be worn whilst in the centre and during all classes, and social distancing guidelines to be adhered to. Please book by phone, email or paypal, as we have limited spacing.

We look forward to seeing you.

  • Online –

All our online content is easy to access. We send you a link within an email, you click it, wait for the Live-stream to begin and enjoy. Any problems and we are on board to help. Everything is also available to playback for up to 48 hours.

Please email us directly if you would rather receive the teachings via audio recordings (mp3), or even CD’s and we can happily accommodate your preferred method.

Most of our content is backed up, so if you would like a class which has passed, or to join mid-course, the classes you have missed are available for catch up.

  • Membership –

Classes as priced, alternatively £25 will grant you membership, this gives access to all our content and classes (minus Foundation Programme).

Click here for membership information and special offers.

Classes, Courses and Study

  • Foundation Programme – Monday evenings we engage in the study of advanced Buddhist texts and practices, we are currently working through – ‘The New Heart of Wisdom, a commentary to the Heart Sutra’. If you are interested in enrolling, please email for more information at; epc@meditateinnorfolk.org
  • The Path to Inner Peace – These classes follow the teachings of Lamrim, otherwise known as, ‘Lamp to the Path to Enlightenment’. – This is an text by the Buddhist master Atisha. Following the complete stage by stage explanation of the full path to enlightenment, these classes are ideal for those looking for more detailed explanations of Buddhist terms, concepts and meditations. First laid-out and explained by ancient teachers, these classes explain how this wisdom still relates so closely to our modern experiences.
  • General Programme – Our Thursday evening and Friday lunchtime classes are part of our General Programme. Ideal for those wishing to understand how the practice of meditation can relate to their everyday situations and relationships, along with the chance to develop insight into ones own experience of inner peace. Geshe-la’s oft-repeated phrase, ‘simple, but very profound’ perfectly encapsulates this uncommon presentation of modern Buddhism.
  • Inspiring Saturday Morning Talks – These half-day courses offer time for a deep and concentrated focus towards a singular subject or thought. Made up of meditations and teachings, suited to Buddhists and non-Buddhists alike.
  • Meditations For a Happy Life – In Conjunction with Prayers for World Peace – These free sessions consist of teachings and reflections on peace in our daily lives. Considering the ways we universally share a strong wish to experience peace and happiness, and to be free from suffering, we practice directing this wish for happiness towards ourselves and others in meditation. On closing the session we recite the short verses from the Prayers for World Peace booklet.