Amitayus Retreat

Amoghasiddhi Kadampa Buddhist Centre
Date: 29th January
Time & cost: See below
Free for members

Increasing your lifespan, wisdom and good fortune. 

Amitayus is the Buddha of long life, merit and wisdom – the indispensable qualities needed to attain the happiness of full enlightenment. Drawing closer to Buddha Amitayus in retreat at the start of each year is considered very auspicious in paving the way to experience great spiritual progress throughout the year.

Our human life is our most precious possession because it gives us the opportunity to improve ourselves and attain the supreme happiness of enlightenment. We therefore need a long and healthy life. To engage successfully in spiritual practice we also need wisdom, as well as the merit or good fortune that gives our mind the strength to support the growth of inner realisations.

Through engaging in this special practice we can develop such qualities and eventually attain the supreme permanent peace of mind, enlightenment.

Everyone welcome.

About the Teacher: Gen Kelsang Yankyi is the Resident Teacher of Amoghasiddhi KBC and has been studying and teaching Kadampa Buddhist meditations for over twenty-six years. She is loved for her gentle and joyful approach and her ability to present Buddha’s teachings in a clear and down to earth manner making them easy to practice.

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Everybody is welcome. This retreat is suitable for all levels of experience
Booking: Please pay using the paypal button below, or by phone – 01953 451937 / email –
Cost: £2.00 per session/ £6 for whole retreat Free to members


9:30 am to 10:30 am
11:30 am to 12:30 pm
4.00 pm to 5.00 pm

Amittayus Retreat